Siemens Rulestream ETO (Engineer-to-Order) 


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Configuratori is the European leader in Rulestream consulting and implementation. We are Siemens PLM official partner and Rulestream re-seller. Check it here: Siemens PLM website annoucing partnership

  • The Siemens Rulestream Engineer-to-Order solution is part of an emerging class of enterprise software, called standards-based engineering, designed to capture, manage and reuse corporate intellectual property to automate engineering processes for best-in-class manufacturers. Leading standards-based engineering solutions are flexible, scalable, and designed to enhance and extend existing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Engineering Resource Planning (ERP) implementations.

  • The solution addresses the unique challenges of engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturers with a comprehensive approach spanning sales, engineering and manufacturing. By capturing engineering knowledge and using this to automate key business processes across the enterprise, Rulestream Engineer-to-order clients have increased sales and win rates while reducing internal operating expenses and shortening lead times for custom products. The solution can applied and customized for a number of industrial sectors, such as:
    • Power Generation and Distribution
    • Industrial Products & Systems
    • Heavy Machinery & Equipment
    • Consumer Packaged Goods
    • Fluid Flow Technology
    • HVAC and Refrigeration
    • Furniture and Caseworks
    • Control Systems
    • Oil & Gas

  • The solution integrates seamlessly with existing ERP, PLM and CAD systems, helping custom product manufacturers respond to customer-specific orders more rapidly, accurately and efficiently. The flexibility of the Rulestream platform allows to integrate with essentially any information system (IS) providing an API. Over the years Configuratori has developed ad-hoc integration with a number of systems including SAP. While the Rulestream out-of-box integrations includes:
    • CAD: NX, SolidEdge, CREO, SolidWorks
    • PLM: TeamCenter
    • 2D Drawing: Visio, DWG

  • The Rulestream product line include additional (optional) server-side service:
    • Batch Job Processing: Lunching and running product configurations in unattended-mode (without human interaction). This is usually necessary when large CAD models need to be assembled.
    • Web Services: It allows to run Rulestream application in the browser.

Rulestream Platform Overview

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