Sell ​​Fan - Industrial and Commercial Fans Configurator

As an example of study and application for the improvement of the sales process of products to choose and configure according to customer needs, we show one of our applications to improve the sales process: SellFan software for commercial and industrial fans.

SellFan realizes the dynamic catalogs and the configuration of the product in a multilingual version also via WEB, helps to quickly make technical choices appropriate to the needs of the customer, size and configure the machine with the appropriate and relevant accessories, reducing the time of realization and the errors, creating the automatically editable bill, automatically generating the drawings of dimensions and the drawings in scale (as blocks dxf).

Managing the multisite and multi-component offer, integrating with the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for the bill of materials, prices and costs. SellFan is now also available for mobile phones or PDAs.

To request access for SellFan demo web: